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Supplier Diversity…

Supplier Diversity is more than a key performance metric. It is the economic engine that drives empowerment, equity, and inclusion into our supply chain & business community. Diverse perspectives always generate creative ideas and sustainable plans. GM’s effort to foster growth of our diverse supply base directly correlates with our ability to deliver creative solutions, industry leading product offerings, and exceptional support services as we strive to earn customers for life. General Motors has been committed to supplier diversity since 1968, when we became the first automotive OEM to establish a formal supplier diversity program. It's a unique network of professionals that drive economic parity, social relevance, and business value that impacts every industry on an international level. We take pride in seeking suppliers that are just as diverse as our great people, products, and customers. GM currently works with over 300 certified diverse suppliers and small businesses within the U.S.A. and Canada.

Mary Barra

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

"General Motors values and respects individual differences. At GM we appreciate what each individual brings to the team; including background, education, gender, race, ethnicity, working and thinking styles, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, religious background, age, generation, disability, cultural expertise and technical skill. Empowering these unique perspectives keeps GM on the cutting edge of technological innovation in the fast-paced automotive industry. Learn how we drive diversity for the benefit of our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and dealers."

Jeffrey Morrison

Vice President Global Purchasing & Supply Chain

"As a Global Purchasing and Supply Chain leader, I believe our company is stronger when we are shaped by diverse backgrounds; with that in mind my team and I are passionate about building relationships with diverse suppliers. We are committed to transforming GM and the auto-industry with an inclusive supplier base that not only reflects the diversity of its team members and customers, but also the communities we all serve."

Tamara Hicks

Asst. Director Supplier Engagement

Samantha Johnson

Supplier Diversity Program Manager